Of the over 68 million “unbanked” Americans, Millennials make up the largest segment.

Be ready to meet this growing demand with a Checkboxx kiosk in your store.

A CheckBoxx system in your location means easy, profitable and 100% guaranteed check cashing without any employee assistance.

  • User friendly, bank style keypad entry
  • Secure, high capacity check collector with optical scanner to insure proper viewing and storage
  • High-capacity, custom- designed, error-free cash dispenser
  • 64-bit Intel Windows system CPU
  • Advanced biometric security with finger print reader to speed processing
  • Ready for wired or wireless internet connection
  • Dimensions: 26” D x 36” W x 60” H, skinned with brand graphics and available advertising system
Pricing Plans
CheckBoxx check cashing kiosk

Recent statistics published by the FDIC:

68 million

Americans cashed checks at alternative finance locations

$55 billion

in checks were cashed


checks processed

$1.6 billion

in fees earned by alternative finance locations

And, remember, no matter what type of check is presented, our GUARANTEE of no bad checks assures you of no losses.

It’s a win-win for your business and your customers.

CheckBoxx offers unparalleled security from bad checks and fraud.

Each CheckBoxx is managed by our central risk module that quickly processes checks and assesses the risk based on historical records, check type, maker, customer ID and more. Our proprietary algorithm does this in seconds.

CheckBoxx guarantees FULL REIMBURSEMENT should you ever suffer a loss from a bad check or fraud.

Unlike many check cashing systems, CheckBoxx cashes all types of checks, not just payroll.

Being able to process a variety of checks represents big competitive advantage over typical, manual-run stores that generally won’t cash:

Payroll checks in excess of $1,500 | Business-to-business checks Personal checks | Money Orders

All these represent a potential risk to check cashers — but not to you if you have a CheckBoxx system. CheckBoxx will cash them all.

It’s easy to get started with CheckBoxx.

Licensing Requirement icon

Licensing Requirement

From licensing to automated reporting for compliance, CheckBoxx handles it all.

Fees Split icon

Fees Split

Up to 50% of the check cashing fees after processing costs and check guarantees.

All Inclusive Pricing icon

All Inclusive Pricing

Includes delivery, set-up and training from CheckBoxx.

Warranty icon


Fully warrantied equipment and all software updates at no additional cost.

With every CheckBoxx transaction, you and your customers will help feed your local community.

The change from every CheckBoxx transaction is collected and donated to local food banks in your community to begin to change a life with a good meal.

If you would like more information on our FoodBoxx donation program or would like to get your business more involved, contact us today!